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Rob’s Reflections

Easter Sunday, April 9, was a wonderful event in the life of our church. Among the highlights was the music presented to us by our own Bill Chrastil. Bill is so talented, and he combines his significant abilities with passion. He performed four songs for us and left us all inspired!  


My sermon examined the significance of the last several verses of the Gospel of Mark. It ends with three women at the empty tomb. They left immediately “for they were afraid.”  


What a way to signal the beginning of the church of Jesus Christ! The philosopher Soren Kierkegaard famously said, “one must work out one’s faith with fear and trembling.” So, while we tend to think of our faith with words like ‘joyous’, ‘happy’ and ‘peace’, we can’t forget that this is serious business.  


Wrestling with our faith in the light of pain, despondency, and other evils that lurk throughout our lives on this earth, is what we are called to in order to develop a faith that honors the Lord and centers on treating others with love and respect.


Going forward, I hope that being a part of Havelock Christian Church feeds you, and that together we live out our faith.


See you Sunday!

– Dr. Rob


May Lectionary Scriptures

White for the Easter Season

Red for Pentecost


May 7

Acts 7:55‑60

Psalm 31:1‑5, 15‑16

1 Peter 2:2‑10

John 14:1‑14


May 14

Acts 17:22‑31

Psalm 66:8‑20

1 Peter 3:13‑22

John 14:15‑21


May 21

Acts 1:6‑14

Psalm 68:1‑10, 32‑35

1 Peter 4:12‑14; 5:6‑11

John 17:1‑11


May 28 - Day of Pentecost

Acts 2:1‑21 or Numbers 11:24‑30

Psalm 104:24‑34, 35b

1 Corinthians 12:3b‑13 or Acts 2:1‑21

John 20:19‑23 or John 7:37‑39


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