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Rob’s Reflections


This week past we lost a very dear friend to complications from pancreatic cancer. Dr. Robert Kunz died last Thursday, and I am still in shock. Bob played a number of roles in my life. He was a best friend. He was a minister to me. He was the third brother I never had. His death has left a huge hole in my life, and in the lives of many, many others too numerous to count.


Bob was bright, well‑read and highly principled. Bob was a fine preacher who took very seriously preaching and pastoral care. He was kind and lived out his theology in everything he did. I still can’t believe I was blessed to have him in my life. I’ve not yet met anyone who was a finer man or a finer Christian.

I know you will join me in prayer for Eileen, Tammy, Shawn and the grandsons. As Bob was fond of saying, “God is a great God indeed.”

See you at church!

– Dr. Rob

What Marks Us as Belonging to a Risen Savior?

We have gone through a period of Lent, where we acknowledged our failures and asked forgiveness. We have devoted time to studying the scriptures and doing acts of love and sharing.


Now what? What does it mean that our Savior has risen from the dead? What difference does that make in our lives in 2022?


Hope stands out as a first response.  We no longer fear death as being the end for us, but as a time of transition to new life. 


Joy - Jesus’ life and ministry was not in vain. He showed us a way of living that we can strive to copy. He is there beside us to guide, encourage, and comfort us. With the end of his earthly ministry, we are not left on our own, but we’ve been given the Holy Spirit, who helps us live lives of love, joy, and peace. 


In our imitation of our Savior, we practice patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self‑control. Our present-day world sorely needs Easter People. Let’s be refreshed by God’s incredible gift and be “Easter People.” 

May 2022 Scriptures

Liturgical Color - White

May 1

    Acts 9:1‑6, (7‑20)

    Psalm 30

    Revelation 5:11‑14

    John 21:1‑19


May 8

    Acts 9:36‑43

    Psalm 23

    Revelation 7:9‑17

    John 10:22‑30


May 15

    Acts 11:1‑18

    Psalm 148

    Revelation 21:1‑6

    John 13:31‑35


May 22

    Acts 16:9‑15

    Psalm 67

    Revelation 21:10, 22‑22:5

    John 14:23‑29 or John 5:1‑9


May 29

    Acts 16:16‑34

    Psalm 97

    Revelation 22:12‑14, 16‑17, 20‑21

    John 17:20‑26


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