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Rev. Rob Welch

Rob’s Reflections

In both our Bible study and during the sermon on Sunday mornings, I have been lifting the many messages in the book of Revelation. I’m doing this because frankly I’ve avoided Revelation for most of my professional life.  


There are many reasons for this. The language in Revelation is ‘other‑worldly’ and often difficult to understand (apocalyptic language = revelation language). The structure of the book is built on prophecy—a not easily understood framework for bringing about the meaning of the Christ event. And on it goes.


However, understanding the message is within our grasp if we give enough time and work on the text. That’s why in our Bible study we have given a lot of time and effort. Sermons are a kind of distillation of the Bible study work we are doing.  


This is another reason I want to encourage you to come to Bible study on Saturday mornings at 11:00 a.m. It’s easy, convenient and we don’t go over one hour for a presentation.  


Think about it, please!


See you on Sunday morning!

– Dr. Rob


August Lectionary Scriptures

Liturgical Color - Green


August 6

Genesis 32:22‑31

Psalm 17:1‑7, 15

Isaiah 55:1‑5

Psalm 145:8‑9, 14‑21

Romans 9:1‑5

Matthew 14:13‑21


August 13

Genesis 37:1‑4, 12‑28

Psalm 105: 1‑6, 16‑22, 45b

1 Kings 19:9‑18

Psalm 85:8‑13

Romans 10:5‑15

Matthew 14:22‑33


August 20

Genesis 45:1‑15

Psalm 133

Isaiah 56:1, 6‑8

Psalm 67

Romans 11:1‑2a, 29‑32

Matthew 15: (10‑20), 21‑28


July 23

Genesis 28:10‑19a

Psalm 139:1‑12, 23‑24

Wisdom of Solomon 12:13, 16‑19

Isaiah 44:6‑8

Psalm 86:11‑17

Romans 8:12‑25

Matthew 13:24‑30, 36‑43


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